Philadelphia Flyers Warmup Puck
February 10, 2020 vs Florida Panthers
Philadelphia Flyers 2019-20

This puck was using during warm-ups by the Philadelphia Flyers and the Florida Panthers at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA on February 10, 2020

These are the pucks that the Flyers and their opponents use throughout the pre-game warmups prior to each game this season at Wells Fargo Center.

The front of each puck features the logos of the Flyers and that night's opponent, along with the date of each game. The back features the NHL logo, printed with "Official Warmup Puck."

Please Note: A full refund will be processed in the event this pre-order cannot be fulfilled due to non-delivery of a sufficient number of Warmup Pucks, or the unavailability of the Warmup Pucks due to circumstances out of the team or MGG’s control.

Price: $40.00
Philadelphia Flyers Warmup Puck<br>February 10, 2020 vs Florida Panthers<br>Philadelphia Flyers 2019-20<br>