Haley, Micheal *
Teal w/ A
San Jose Barracuda 2015-16
#38 Size: 56

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Micheal Haley wore this teal jersey while playing for the San Jose Barracuda during the 2015-2016 American Hockey League season. It includes the alternate captain's "A."

During the 2015-16 season, Haley played in 41 games for the San Jose Barracuda. He scored 12 goals, made 11 assists, and earned 52 penalty minutes. He also played in 16 games for the San Jose Sharks, where he scored one goal and recorded 48 penalty minutes.

Over his 11 seasons in the NHL, Haley played in 274 games for five teams. He scored 11 goals, made 21 assists, and finished with 692 penalty minutes. He was the most penalized player in the NHL in 2018 with 212 minutes.

Price: $400.00