Banks, Brandon
White - Worn Thanksgiving Day, 11/22/12 vs. Dallas
Washington Redskins 2012
#16 Size: 40

Wide receiver Brandon Banks wore this jersey in the Washington Redskins' thrilling 38-31 Thanksgiving Day win over the Dallas Cowboys on November 22, 2012 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Banks caught 1 pass for 8 yards in the game.

The jersey is a Size 40 Skill Cut. It was manufactured by Nike and tagged as 2012, Nike's first year exclusively producing jerseys for the entire NFL.

It has been tagged in the collar and serial numbered by Nike as 219110023075.

The jersey arrived from the Redskins unwashed, and was immediately authenticated by MeiGray.

This jersey will come with an original letter of authenticity from the Redskins.

MeiGray is proud to be partnering with the Redskins, who have named MGG the 'Official Game-Worn Source of the Washington Redskins.'

MeiGray is now offering game-worn jerseys in white and burgundy, and the stunning game-worn Throwback jerseys worn by the Redskins during the 2012 NFL season.

MGG will also be acquiring a set of iconic Throwback helmets that conjured memories of the NFL's earliest days; and Redskins game-used footballs from throughout the 2012 NFL season.

MeiGray, which partners with the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League, also carries game-worn jerseys worn by the San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets.

SOLD: $195.00
Banks, Brandon<br>White - Worn Thanksgiving Day, 11/22/12 vs. Dallas<br>Washington Redskins 2012<br>#16 Size: 40