Ade, Rachael
Black Rosie - Worn February 26, 2022 - Autographed
Metropolitan Riveters 2021-22
#7 Size: MD

Rachael Ade wore this Black Rosie jersey while playing for the Metropolitan Riveters on February 26, 2022, during their 4-3 loss to the Toronto Six at Prudential Center Practice Facility in Newark, NJ. The jersey is autographed.

The jersey features the Riveters' primary logo with Rosie the Riveter depicted as Black, honoring the hundreds of thousands of "Black Rosies" who entered the American workforce during World War II.

This idea was originally conceptualized by Erica L. Ayala, a Black-Latina sports journalist and the Riveters' team reporter, and this iteration of the jersey was designed by Jordan Dabney, a Black artist, and Riveters fan.

All proceeds from this auction benefit Black Girl Hockey Club, a nonprofit organization that focuses on making hockey more inclusive for Black women, their families, their friends and allies.

Price: $195.00
Ade, Rachael<br>Black Rosie - Worn February 26, 2022 - Autographed<br>Metropolitan Riveters 2021-22<br>#7 Size: MD