(NNOB), No Name On Back
Autism Acceptance - Game-Issued (GI)
Buffalo Beauts 2022-23
#7 Size: SM

This black Autism Acceptance jersey was prepared for use by the Buffalo Beauts during their 6-4 loss to the Toronto Six on December 17, 2022 at Northtown Center at Amherst in Buffalo, NY.

The Beauts' "Autism Acceptance" jerseys were specially designed by longtime Beauts graphic designer Jordan Santalucia. The jersey design incorporates the rainbow infinity symbol, which is a popular symbol among autistic people and autism rights advocates, symbolising a broad and varied spectrum of experiences. The color red for neurodiversity is also included in the design.

Price: $195.00
(NNOB), No Name On Back<br>Autism Acceptance - Game-Issued (GI)<br>Buffalo Beauts 2022-23<br>#7 Size: SM