Ovechkin, Alex
Red Reverse Retro Set 2 w/C - Game-Issued (GI)
Washington Capitals 2020-21
#8 Size: 60

This Reverse Retro jersey was prepared for use by Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals during the 2020-21 National Hockey League season.

This is THE ONLY Game-Issued Reverse Retro prepared by the Caps for Ovechkin. He wore three Reverse Retro jerseys in 2020-21, and this was his only unworn backup. This jersey has been customized with two additional fight straps added to the interior of the jersey.

Ovechkin scored 24 goals with 18 points in 45 games for the Capitals during the 2020-21 regular season.

Grab a piece of the Great Eight's chase for history as he pursues Wayne Gretzky's all-time NHL goals record of 894.

SOLD: $5,995.00
Ovechkin, Alex<br>Red Reverse Retro Set 2 w/C - Game-Issued (GI)<br>Washington Capitals 2020-21<br>#8 Size: 60