Bonino, Nick
White - Winter Classic Period 2
Nashville Predators 2019-20

This is the jersey worn by Nick Bonino in the second period of the 2020 Winter Classic. The Dallas Stars defeated the Nashville Predators, 4-2, on New Year's Day at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

The Predators wore four sets of jerseys in the game: Warmup, first, second and third period. This is the only jersey available through the Predators-MeiGray Program. The NHLPA received the warmup set, the NHL received the first-period set, and the players received their third-period jerseys.

The unique jersey the Predators wore was a nod to the Nashville Dixie Flyers, the city’s first minor-league team, who played from 1962-1971. The Dixie Flyers, members of the defunct Eastern Hockey League, played their home games at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium and won league titles in 1966 and 1967.

The jersey was created with a heritage aesthetic, featuring designs inspired by Nashville's rich hockey history and its passionate fan base. The script crest, block lettering and classic striping create a nostalgic look suitable for the NHL Winter Classic's celebration of the game's origins outdoors.

Price: $1,995.00
Bonino, Nick<br>White - Winter Classic Period 2<br>Nashville Predators 2019-20<br>#13