Benn, Jordie
White Set 1
Dallas Stars 2011-12
#58 Size: 58

In 2011-12, the Stars' equipment staff confirmed the team wore three sets of white road and two sets of black home jerseys.

In addition, one set of black and one set of white jerseys were prepared for the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Stars did not qualify for the playoffs, and these sets remained unused and game-issued.

The training camp/preseason jerseys listed as part of the 2011-12 inventory were prepared/worn by players in the Stars' system.

MeiGray has authenticated the three sets of white road jerseys as follows:

Sets 1 and 2 were marked in black Sharpie by the Stars' equipment staff while they were being worn during the season. MeiGray confirmed game use, but not specific date use, through photo-matches.

Set 3 was not marked, but was authenticated via photo-matching.

MeiGray has authenticated one set of black home jerseys, which was not maked with a set number, through photo-matches. They are labeled Regular Season because specific dates could not be confirmed.

The Stars distributed their second set of black jerseys to their fans on Shirts Off Their Back Night, the season finale on April 7, 2012.

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Benn, Jordie<br>White Set 1<br>Dallas Stars 2011-12<br>#58 Size: 58